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The multidisciplinary field of classics studies the languages, literature, philosophy, history, art and culture of the peoples who lived around the Mediterranean Sea in ancient times (from the Bronze Age, ca. 3000 BCE to Late Antiquity, ca. 600 CE), with a special focus on Greece and Rome during Classical Antiquity, ca. 600 BCE to ca. 300 CE. Classics was traditionally the foundation of all Humanities studies. Although Athabasca University does not offer a classics program, several Humanities courses correspond to courses taught in classics departments at other universities. Furthermore, some of these courses are cross-listed with other AU programs, and this allows students to choose the discipline to which credit will be awarded.

*Note: HUMN 320 and 321 closed in 2012-2013 and were replaced by two new courses:

  • HUMN/HIST/CLAS 312 - Ancient Rome, and
  • HUMN/HIST/RELS 313 - Early Christians.

Students with credit in HUMN 320 and/or 321 cannot register in HUMN/HIST/CLAS 312.

Students with credit in HUMN 321 cannot register in HUMN/HIST/RELS 313.

Updated November 17 2014 by Student & Academic Services

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